I have a poetry collection! Some excerpts /1

Art credit to brallanq.tumblr.com

On Platonic Human Connections

May there be a moment in your life when

In another’s eyes you find wonders that need no conscious searching:

They open up into an abyss that marries

all colors and darkness at once,

In which you detach and drown at the same time;

From the collision of two pairs of black holes

All meanings of life crystalize space-time gently.

Courage, perseverance, empathy, trust…

All ropes that intertwine to make a safety net that transcends all human emotions

secure you in mid-air between two worlds—

One of reverie and the other of reality.

Holding each other’s arms you lean on,

as you soar deep into the universe,

Whose ends collapsed

the moment four eyes met.

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