I have a poetry collection! Some excerpts /2


Lay your tongue flat

On the ground of your oral cavity

Shut your epiglottis and push your diaphragm down a crack

Blow thy gentle breeze

From the depth of your chest:


Crisp, gentle, almost unnoticeable

This is an infant’s call for its mama’s pat

To force out the little bubbles

Tumbling inside its little tummy.

Did I make this sound, mama?

Did I make this sound when you wrapped my old blue shower blanket around me

Stretched my stubby legs, and feigned a frown?

“Eh”, I said, didn’t I?

Did you know I needed a burpie

And patted me on the back?

This is the language of babies

Simple, intuitive, yet mysterious

Eludes many

But surely not you, my dear mama?

You knew everything, once upon a time

An angel, guide and guardian in my eyes

Your capricious temper was the star map I tried to read

Your wildest superstitions my firmest belief

Remember when you cried reading The Jade King?

I watched your tears drop

Time stopped

And a peppered moth emerged

From a jar of maggot-raided raisins.

You flew your baby girl to this island that

effuses greenery, splendor and warmth

knowing you couldn’t set her free;

She needed to learn the hard way

To stretch every strain of silk

And emerge from the cocoon you trapped her in.

Art credit to istockphoto.com

It hurts mama

It hurts, it burns, it’s suffocating me!

The traces of you

Wove me inside a sticky spider web

Laid me on a porcelain plate.

I tried to escape,

Only to feel it closing up on my neck;

I tried to shout,

Only to hear all the fear ballooning into

A soft, elusive, helpless murmur that floated


“Eh, eh, ehhh—”

Painfully I learnt

To shape jerking emotions into pretty, sparkling bows called “praises”

To stuff mayhems into a teddy bear called “opinions”

To shunt doubts from my insides and let kindness in

But whenever I hear your voice

See your smile

Feel your embrace

This sound slides down my tongue

And jumps right into you.

With every goodbye

Comes a further departure from my past

I see the traces of you

Lying around

Burning into ashes


Into a phoenix that carries me

Soaring me higher, higher…

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