Til’ we meet again

My mind traverses the continent with you. It glides in mid-air across cirrocumulus clouds, strolls through mist-filled streets in-between red-brick walls, and sits by the window looking out to a collegiate gothic tower. As you turn the wind-coat collar to the cold and damp, shower in the golden sun rays among squirrels and water birds, … Continue reading Til’ we meet again

I have a poetry collection! Some excerpts /1

Art credit to brallanq.tumblr.com On Platonic Human Connections May there be a moment in your life when In another’s eyes you find wonders that need no conscious searching: They open up into an abyss that marries all colors and darkness at once, In which you detach and drown at the same time; From the collision … Continue reading I have a poetry collection! Some excerpts /1